Ambigram Tattoo Generator

In the recent decades, tattoos are becoming more and more popular. The views of people regarding tattoos have changed. In the past, people with tattoos are often the ones that people are scared of and they are associated with prisoners. But today, tattoo views have changed are majority of the world’s population are already amenable to them.

Tattoos are considered permanent body markings. Although recently, new technologies have been discovered to remove tattoos, these procedures can become very expensive and not all people can endure the pain of tattoo removal.

If you think that getting inked is painful, wait until you try to have it removed. Choosing a tattoo design is a crucial process in getting inked. You should be able to pick something that would showcase who you are as a person. Today, aside from graphic designs, words and writings are getting more popular too. One way to spice up a simple word to be sued in a tattoo is to use it as an ambigram. There is an ambigram tattoo generator that can be used by both the artist and the customer to make a design for themselves.

An ambigram is a type of writing form that allows the reader to view the text in not just one direction but in other points as well. The most commonly used ambigrams are the rotational ones. These types of texts can be read upright, and when you flip it in a hundred and eighty degree angle, you will still be able to read the same word as it was upright.

This is also very well favored by tattoo artists because rotational ambigrams are much easier to create than the other types. But tattoo artists need not to worry about that anymore because they can simply use an ambigram tattoo generator. These generators can easily come up with an ambigram design that would take you hours or days to make yourself. Most ambigram generators are capable of making the rotational type but there are also other programs that can make the other types like the mirror ambigrams and the 3D ambigrams.

Tribal Ambigram Tattoo Generator

A growing design variation of the ambigram tattoo is the tribal- inspired designs. Tribal designs are already very popular in tattoos. But the addition of an ambigram into the design will definitely make it much more interesting. Unfortunately, tribal ambigrams are difficult to create. Not all ambigram tattoo makers are also able to create a tribal design as well. If you will be able to find a good tribal ambigram tattoo generator, you will definitely find the tribal ambigrams unique More...

3D Ambigram Tattoo Generator

A new kind of ambigram is already getting a lot of buzz today especially in the world of tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts. The most common ambigrams that you see are the rotational ambigrams which can be read when upright or turned upside down. But this new type of ambigram is called the 3D ambigram. 3D ambigrams are as difficult, if not, more challenging to make as your traditional ambigrams. With the help of a 3D ambigram tattoo generator, 3D More...

Benefits of an Ambigram Tattoo Generator

There are a lot of reasons why you should utilize an ambigram tattoo generator. You have to remember that tattoos are permanent marks in your body. Although modern technology can already help remove tattoos, the process is extremely painful and expensive too. Using an ambigram generator for your tattoos will help give you time to pick which design that you want since you are just at home in front of your computer. Another good benefit of using these ambigram generators More...

Ambigrams are really fun and they add that extra spice to your tattoo. If people would want to read your tattoo in your arm, you do not have to flip it to the viewer’s side to let them read it because they can surely read the text even if the word was inverted. And there are also many designs and styles to choose from. The nice thing about ambigrams is the level of creativity that goes in to the work. With an ambigram tattoo generator, you will easily be able to preview what the word would look like if converted to this style. There are those tattoo generators that offer more than 2 fonts but for most programs, there are only two general fonts which are the script and the old English. All the user has to do is to type the desired text inside the box, choose a font and click generate. Within a few seconds, an ambigram image is created.

With an ambigram tattoo generator, tattoo artists and customers would not waste a lot of time in the design process. The actual creation of these designs can take hours and days but 99 percent of the time can be saved if the generator is used. Users can also print the design and present it to their tattoo artists. The good thing about it is the fact that the basic text inversion is already in place so the artist can simply add personal touches in the design to make it much more unique than the rest.